Jack Davolio - Creative Reportage Wedding Photography

Here are some of the beautiful and unique weddings I have shot in the past few years, all over Europe. Among those photos you will find a flying giraffe, golden legs, helium balloons, golf cart racing, flying grooms, homemade bars and maybe inspiration for your own wedding. Think of it as a way to make your ideas of fun come together. 

Camily • a Tuscany Destination Wedding
Tim & Sadie Festival Wedding
Jade & Moose Gin-Lovers Norfolk Wedding
Paloma & Foxy Freddie
Joanne & Hareth Aynhoe Park Wedding
Meryl & Adam London Jewish Wedding
Sarah & Dave • Duntreath Castle Wedding
Silvia & Kristofer Neusiedlersee Wedding
Abhiti & Phill English Wedding
Abhiti & Phill Hindu Wedding
Masa & Sonia Lugano Wedding
Chris & Ash Rock & Roll Wedding
The Talbots • Oxfordshire Wedding
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