Going Nowhere 2016

“Magic is something you make”. 

So I joined a group of dusty mad radical artists in the place we call Nowhere once again. This is but a fraction of what happens in there, and the experience is far more than visual. It’s interactive, it’s something you put yourself into, it’s intense, it forces you to grow. Some say maybe we are just broken people trying to escape reality. By creating a commerce-free environment with radical self-expression, the goal is to experience a different type of society, a sort of utopia. Or maybe we are just pushing into extremes were art & nature, love & joy all combine. It is not just a thrill ride, it can be challenging and many come to terms with all kinds of emotions, with relentless heat and little sleep.. 

I invite you to see some of the pictures I managed to take, and if you were there, relieve some of the wonder and amazement. If you have never been, you are very welcome to join & participate next year. 

DISCLAIMER: I mostly shot those photos with explicit consent from the subjects, exceptions being crowd situations, art installations and other times when the presence of many cameras made it obvious that the performer/subject was okay with being photographed. I tried my best to be discreet as I would never want to make people feel self-conscious or spoil their experience of the moment. I also used my own judgment of what is appropriate and obviously never went near any nakedness with the camera, but if anyone wants any photo removed for whatever reason just let me know. This is my gift to you, you may see things you missed out, or relive great feelings you have experienced. You are free to download, copy and keep the photos. Enjoy! 

See you next year dusty nobodies xx 

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