Love & Weddings in the time of Corona

The year is 2021 and the virus is still coming at us with new variants. 
It’s been a weird year and a half. My business has pretty much ground to a halt.
I had many couples postpone their wedding up to three times. Many even cancelled all plans. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for them. 

I am still going though. This year I managed to shoot in France, Denmark and England. 
If next year goes ahead as planned, my summer is now close to fully booked. In the meantime - I have been shooting very few weddings, mostly elopements of two. I even shot a wedding while holding an iphone on Zoom with 150 people watching, a mother crying and many people ululating. Whilst taking photos with the other hand. 

I hope you keep making plans and keep having things to look forward to. 
I will be posting more again soon - as I actually have a lot of great content I should be putting out there.. And possibly even outside of wedding photography ;)

The pandemic has been shit for everyone. But still - things are going to be alright. 

Keep going lovers x 

Clemmy & James

I made yet another short wedding video, this one from Clemmy & James urban wedding in Melbourne. 
It took place in a winery called Noisy Ritual, with friends handling the ceremony and a simple paella meal, with surprise Gelato and live swing band plus friends Djing late into the night. Such a simple setup but lots of emotions made for an unforgettable day and very inspiring for those that do not wish for a traditional wedding. The most beautiful dress I have ever seen, handmade by the bride’s sister, got everyone gasping out loud. And the way Clemmy and James shared what makes their relationship so special, and how they learn from each other, and how they have changed and grown together over the years.. By no means comprehensive as I was mainly taking photos, here’s a little video with some moments from the day. 

Claudia & Paddy Wedding Video

I went to capture the wedding of bloody legends Claudia & Paddy in New South Wales this February, which was a welcome break from the cold winter in Europe, and such a fantastic day with cangaroos and broken disco balls. I shot a few clips in between photographs and this little two minute video is what came out of it. Happy to hear they were absolutely in love with both the photos and the little video! 

“Jack!!!! What the hell man, that’s so awesome!!! Dude that’s seriously amazing, I’m beyond words!! Thank you so much for doing that for us. Your photos were so incredible and I absolutely love every one of them. That video is just way above and beyond what we could have expected from you. Wow I actually had no idea you were filming. I am so bloody grateful you did. They tie in perfectly with the photos, and the editing is so on point. [..] We had the greatest time of our lives and it was just perfect having people like yourself around to share it with!! “ 

From 2019, I am also offering little videos like this one as an extra on top of photography. Send me an email for more information. 

Burning Man 2017

Holy flying-shit-amazeballs-wowzers-wow. I lack the words to describe how amazing it has been. Never expected to see such a spectacle. Riding through the deep playa with the most surprising art and experiences at every stop.. One moment you’re playing the trombone in a marching band, the next you’re diving into a school bus ball pit, then you’re climbing on giant levitating rocks, then you’re cracking a code to get into a secret popcorn bar.. You totally get lost and awed and it is so beautiful and the greatest spectacle and experience as a whole that I have ever had. All the regional burns did not prepare me for this, it was something else. So happy and still dreaming about the many adventures and all the things that go wrong and the shit show and the Playa provides moments and the friends that always got your back. Don’t think I would have survived without Will & Lisa. So much to think about and to be grateful for the thousands of people who create this magic and art. It all makes me want to get creating and start sewing, building, crafting… And to take a little bit of that magic outside of the desert. There were moments I literally forgot I was at Burning Man, in the states, on planet earth. Just wow. 🔥💛

That was what I wrote upon first landing back in Europe, and thinking back about the experience. I still do daydream about the incredible feeling of being there in the golden hour, amongst giant art pieces hiding away in the light blue dust. 
Then a pirate ship - art car sails by. Then another surprising moment, and then another. Never I felt the expression “mind-blown” be more apt. 

I still describe it as being the best (and definitely most interactive) art experience I have ever had. I still get new thoughts about what art is (I think it is anything that makes you feel something). I am still amazed at how much creativity and expression goes into creating that sort-of Utopia which is Black Rock City. I am also aware of all the critics ranging from “What a waste of money! What a terrible cost on the environment! Rich kids playground! It’s just stupid hedonism!” and to all of those I just have to say.. You do not place enough value on feeling truly amazed, deeply grateful to be alive, wowed and awed like you never thought you could be. 

In no particular order, here are some of my favourite images from my time there.. I have to say it’s super hard to capture the feeling of being there and no reportage is in any way comprehensive.. You will see maybe 6 art cars out of 600.. I did not even see 5% of the art that was there, it is just so HUGE and so much fun to get lost in, I now very look forward to coming back and doing it again and be even more prepared for the next time.. 

And on the final evening I also went on a special yoga art tour with some hot friends :D 

Special thanks to Lisa & Will for being excellent adventure companions, Max & Marina for being great friends and inviting us to Tramp Camp, Morgan, Carlota and Mango for being wonderful and inspiring in so many ways.. You are all amazing people I am so lucky to call friends! xxx

Going Nowhere 2016

“Magic is something you make”. 

So I joined a group of dusty mad radical artists in the place we call Nowhere once again. This is but a fraction of what happens in there, and the experience is far more than visual. It’s interactive, it’s something you put yourself into, it’s intense, it forces you to grow. Some say maybe we are just broken people trying to escape reality. By creating a commerce-free environment with radical self-expression, the goal is to experience a different type of society, a sort of utopia. Or maybe we are just pushing into extremes were art & nature, love & joy all combine. It is not just a thrill ride, it can be challenging and many come to terms with all kinds of emotions, with relentless heat and little sleep.. 

I invite you to see some of the pictures I managed to take, and if you were there, relieve some of the wonder and amazement. If you have never been, you are very welcome to join & participate next year. 

DISCLAIMER: I mostly shot those photos with explicit consent from the subjects, exceptions being crowd situations, art installations and other times when the presence of many cameras made it obvious that the performer/subject was okay with being photographed. I tried my best to be discreet as I would never want to make people feel self-conscious or spoil their experience of the moment. I also used my own judgment of what is appropriate and obviously never went near any nakedness with the camera, but if anyone wants any photo removed for whatever reason just let me know. This is my gift to you, you may see things you missed out, or relive great feelings you have experienced. You are free to download, copy and keep the photos. Enjoy! 

See you next year dusty nobodies xx 

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