Love & Weddings in the time of Corona

The year is 2021 and the virus is still coming at us with new variants. 
It’s been a weird year and a half. My business has pretty much ground to a halt.
I had many couples postpone their wedding up to three times. Many even cancelled all plans. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for them. 

I am still going though. This year I managed to shoot in France, Denmark and England. 
If next year goes ahead as planned, my summer is now close to fully booked. In the meantime - I have been shooting very few weddings, mostly elopements of two. I even shot a wedding while holding an iphone on Zoom with 150 people watching, a mother crying and many people ululating. Whilst taking photos with the other hand. 

I hope you keep making plans and keep having things to look forward to. 
I will be posting more again soon - as I actually have a lot of great content I should be putting out there.. And possibly even outside of wedding photography ;)

The pandemic has been shit for everyone. But still - things are going to be alright. 

Keep going lovers x 

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